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Product Overview Discontinued. Please see the DTD-16.
Digital Inputs Manual Dial-Out: Active Low. 5 volt TTL/CMOS compatible
Inputs Screw terminals.
Relays SPST relay contacts, 50 Vdc @ 1 Amp with LED indicators.
SPST relay contacts, 50 Vdc @ 1 Amp with LED indicators.
Open Collectors 2 - 24vdc @ 100ma.
Audio Output Telco, 0dbu @ 47 ohms
Audio Input DTMF Decoder, -20 to +8dbu @ 6600 ohms.
Logic Microprocessor, Non-Volatile memory.
Interfacing RS-232C, 1200 baud / 8,N,1 / DB-9, Female.
Connectors Relay and Aux: 37 pin Male D-sub, mating connector/shell, Supplied
Telephone Line Connector: RJ-11C. Cable supplied
Programming Phone Connector: RJ-11C.
Power Requirement 16.5 Vac @ 600 ma. /w Green LED. 2.1mm, coaxial. Wall transformer supplied.
Dimensions 7.75" x 4.00" x 1.25", Aluminum Chassis w/ 4 - 6-32 mounting holes
Weight 2.0 lb
FCC Registration Complies with FCC parts 15 & 68. Reg # BRDUSA-36042-OT-T
Canadian Registration Complies with Industry Canada CS-03 Part 1. Reg # 3929-11388A
Ringer Equivalence 0.4B
Options RM-3, Rack Shelf (1-RU)
RM-2, Rack Panel (3-RU)

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